Townsville Catholic Education Enterprise Agreement

Townsville Catholic Education has reached a new Enterprise Agreement with its non-teaching staff, including administrative staff and support workers. The new agreement provides benefits and improvements over the previous agreement and is designed to ensure the viability and sustainability of Catholic education in the region.

The main objective of the new agreement is to provide staff with job security, better working conditions, and improved entitlements. The agreement guarantees that Catholic education will remain a stable employer in the region, providing secure and well-paying jobs for its staff.

The new agreement includes a number of benefits for staff, such as an increase in salary and a new classification system that will enable employees to progress through the ranks and receive higher pay. The agreement also provides for paid maternity and paternity leave, and a parental leave allowance.

Other benefits under the new agreement include better work-life balance through flexible working arrangements, improved leave entitlements, and access to a professional development program.

The agreement also includes provisions for dispute resolution, ensuring that any issues that may arise between the employer and employees can be resolved quickly and fairly.

The Enterprise Agreement is a significant development for Townsville Catholic Education and its non-teaching staff. It demonstrates the commitment of the organization to its employees and reinforces the importance of Catholic education in the region.

Overall, the Townsville Catholic Education Enterprise Agreement is a great step forward for the organization and its employees. It ensures job security, better working conditions, and improved entitlements for non-teaching staff. It is a testament to the commitment of Catholic education to providing quality education and ensuring the sustainability of the industry.