Workshop: Learn to make chocolate from the bean


Sold out! Come join our next workshop at the Italian Cultural Centre

Grab your apron and join us for a fun, exciting & hands-on workshop about making chocolate from scratch — directly from the cacao bean. Dom, Geoseph, Oliver and Stefan will guide you through all the steps in making fine, craft, bean-to-bar chocolate. There will be plenty of chocolate sampling throughout the afternoon and everyone will leave with their own hand made chocolate bars. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine. This class is vegan friendly.

Class Features

  • A history of cacao; includes tasting cacao juice and hot chocolate
  • Sample many different origins of cacao beans and chocolate
  • Make chocolate from scratch, the old fashioned way
  • Hands on chocolate tempering: everyone gets to mold their own bars
  • Leave with strong understanding of how chocolate is made and the knowledge to make it at home
  • Leave with over $35 worth of chocolate

April 14, 2019 @ 4pm


1380 Napier Street, Vancouver


2 hours

Sold Out