Our Chocolate

We make our chocolate from scratch, directly from cacao beans, a process known as bean-to-bar. We source the beans from various regions around the world, then roast them in small batches, crack them, remove the shells, and stone grind them from 48 to 72 hours. Finally, the chocolate is tempered and molded into bars, truffles, and mendiants.

Not all cacao beans are the same. Depending on the bean variety, its place of origin, growing conditions, and post harvest practices, a wide range of flavours can be obtained – everything from tart and citrusy, to earthy and bourbony. We love the diversity of flavours found in high quality cacao beans and are excited to share them with you.

Our chocolate has won several International Chocolate Awards. 70% Papua New Guinea won a Silver in the Americas competition and a Silver in the Worlds competition. Raspberry White won a Silver in the Americas competition and was a grand jury finalist in the Worlds competition. Finally our Wallflower Gin won a Bronze in the Americas competition. 

Current Special Releases

Current Bars

Below is our current lineup. Stay tuned for new origins and seasonal creations.

Past and Seasonal Releases

Yame Ceremonial Matcha
Yame Ceremonial Matcha White Chocolate Bar
This white chocolate is made with Peruvian cacao butter and a ceremonial grade Japanese matcha from Yame, Fukuoka, curated by our friend Jude from Cultivate Tea. It is a first harvest matcha, the leaves of which are hand picked and grown at high altitudes, where the air is moist and foggy and the trees grow slowly, yielding a matcha with exceptional depth and complexity.
Butter Caramel
This white chocolate was made with Stefan's butter caramel recipe, using cultured butter from our frequent farmers market neighbours, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters. The milk from their grass-fed Jersey cows makes for a wonderfully flavourful golden yellow butter. Specks of Vancouver Island sea salt add some zing to balance the caramel sweetness. It might just make you want to yodel (or draw a cow :).

Truffles and Mendiants

Truffle flavours are as fickle as the four winds and change from season to season. Below are a few examples of past and rotating flavours.