Durian White Chocolate Release

Bean-to-bar Durian White Chocolate Bar

June is Philippine heritage month, and to celebrate, we’re bringing back an old favourite! We were honoured to recently receive a silver medal for this bar at the International Chocolate Awards in New York. As many of you know, our chocolate journey began in the Philippines and we love being able to highlight the amazing flavours and products from that country.

It’s been a challenge trying to procure this exceptionally fragrant Durian from Mindanao, so we were super excited when a friend was able to bring us a small shipment recently. Often referred to as the ‘King of Fruit’, durian has such a pungent and complex tropical aroma, that some people go wild for it, and others run for cover at the first whiff. There’s rarely room for compromise!

You can now find the durian bar in our online store, or at the chocolate shop on Granville Island!