Forest & Sea Bar Release

When Laura and Stefan got married in June of last year, the theme of their wedding was Forest and Sea, an homage to their roots – Laura, an ocean girl, having grown up on the coast, and Stefan, a man of the forest, hailing from deep in the woods of the West Kootenays. It was a special day for all of us at Kasama, witnessing two of our dear friends tie the knot, and gathering together with so many amazing people. Those memories feel all the more precious now, living in the time of a global pandemic.

Laura & Stefan’s wedding night

One perk of co-owning a chocolate company is that you get to make your own wedding favours, and that’s how this recipe was first created. After the festivities, we had a lot of requests from people wanting more of this chocolate. Some even told us that they must have eaten their chocolate during the flurry of wine and dancing, but couldn’t remember, and were greeted with an empty wrapper when they opened it the next morning craving a chocolate treat.

Original Wedding Favours

Well, your wishes have been granted. On the 1 year anniversary of the wedding weekend, it’s springing out of the woods as a new seasonal release. The wrapper art was patiently created by Dom (he submitted many different variations after more than a few emails from the rest of us debating the finer points of the colour palette) who re-imagined the original wedding favours designed by Laura’s sister Emma FitzGerald.
Blanketed in rich Honduran dark chocolate, the piney flavour of whole rosemary, combined with Pacific Ocean sea salt make for a most excellent marriage. This bar is now available for purchase in the online store.

Forest & Sea: Rosemary and Sea Salt Chocolate Bar