Winter’s Eve


A chocolate to savour on a cold winter’s eve, this seasonal release is made with single estate cacao beans from Costa Esmeraldas in northern Ecuador, stone ground with Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, pepper, and turmeric. The oaky and roasty notes of this cacao provide a rich chocolaty canvas, through which each of the spices weaves its flavour threads, creating a tapestry of tastes that will fill you with warmth, like being wrapped in a winter blanket beside a crackling hearth fire.

Cacao Origin

Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador


Cacao Beans, Unrefined Cane Sugar*, Cacao Butter*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Ginger*, Cloves*, Turmeric*, Black pepper*


Vegan, Gluten Free

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