Anniversary Bar


Seven years ago, in the land of his ancestors, Vince put on a hat and planted a cacao seedling. He also planted an idea – Kasama. That idea has grown many shoots and been nurtured and supported by many different people along the way. Fruits have ripened and withered, storms have shaken it to its very roots, and much has changed with the ebb and flow of time.
As a retrospective, we are releasing this very limited batch of chocolate made with Philippine cacao, including beans from the small farm in Cagayan Valley that Vince visited on that voyage all those years ago when Kasama Chocolate was still a seedling. Aged for 7 years before being tempered into bars, the distinctive rum, oak, and coffee notes of this northern Philippine cacao meld together into a long and layered tasting journey.

Maximum of 2 bars per person

Cacao Origin

Cagayan, Philippines


Cacao Beans, Unrefined Cane Sugar*, Cacao Butter*
* Organic


Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free

Sold Out

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