Wallflower Gin Release

Wallflower Gin barrel aged bean-to-bar chocolate

We hope you’ve been enjoying all this sunshine. Spring has truly sprung, and a new release has just sprung into our lineup.

Imagine yourself at a quaint cocktail party in the middle of a botanical garden. You pick up a piece of chocolate and take a bite. As it melts on your tongue, breathe in deeply, and let the flavours unfold, like an elegant floral bouquet, with aromas of fresh cut evergreens, and hints of orange blossom.

For this special release, we aged our Papua New Guinea cacao beans in an oak cask for 4 weeks with Odd Society Distillery’s Wallflower Gin, then stone ground them with juniper berries.

Wallflower Gin barrel aged bean-to-bar chocolate

Juniper is a resilient shrub that can grow in particularly harsh conditions. As depicted on the cover art of this bar, it provides an important food source for birds when other berries have long wilted. In folklore it is often associated with fire and warmth and serves as a symbol of hope to help us through dark times.

We wish you all lots of warmth and hope in the days ahead. You can find the Wallflower bar in our online store, or come swing by the shop!