Kasama Chocolate Wins 19 Awards at International Chocolate Awards

The start of September was a very exciting time for us as we heard the news that we won 22 awards (19 bars, plus 3 specials) at the International Chocolate Awards Americas in New York, the most awards received by any of the 140+ chocolate companies from North, South, and Central America who entered the competition.

Our Strawberry White Chocolate bar tied for the 3rd highest overall score (91.7) of all the bars entered.

We feel incredibly honoured to be recognized among so many amazing craft chocolate makers on the international stage. Thank you so much for your support; we definitely wouldn’t have made it through the last year (or out of that spare bedroom in East Vancouver 6 years ago) without your help and encouragement. On to the World Finals in Germany!

You can see the list of our awards at the bottom of this letter, or follow the link for the full list on the International Chocolate Awards Website:


List of Awards:

 Gold: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Strawberry White (91.7) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Durian White (89.8) (**)
+ Special: Ingredients
+ Special: Innovation
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Raspberry White (87.7) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Blackberry White (87.6) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – 70% Davao (88.6)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Single Malt (87.7) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Wallflower Gin (87.0) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Winter’s Eve (86.6) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Kapé Espresso (90.1) (**)
+ Special: Ground-in
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Forest & Sea (87.9) (**)
Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Moreyna (86.3) (**)
 Silver: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Endless Summer (86.6)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – 70% Isabela (86.2)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – 88% Costa Esmeraldas (86.0)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – 70% Costa Esmeraldas (85.8)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Goat’s Milk (85.2)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Madeira Whiskey (84.8) (**)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Earl Grey Tea (84.9) (**)
Bronze: Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Yame Ceremonial Matcha (85.7) (**)