Found throughout Latin America, South Asia, the West Indies and the Philippines, Muscovado was once considered a peasant’s sugar due to its simplistic, minimal processing and accessibility. Made from sugar cane juice, it is a sticky, coarse, unrefined sugar, with a rich molasses flavour and a dark brown hue. This special release bar is neither a dark, nor a white chocolate, but a new, tanned chocolate made from Philippine muscovado sugar, cacao butter, and roasted Philippine cacao nibs, which are ground into the chocolate and sprinkled on the back.

The chocolate cover art was illustrated in the Philippines by our friend and Vancouver-based artist Isabel Fernandez during a recent trip to her hometown in Tanay, Rizal.
“Morena” is a term introduced from the Old World to describe Filipinas with tanned or brown skin. “Reyna” is both Spanish and Tagalog for “Queen”.


Philippine Cacao Beans, Philippine Muscovado Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Whole Milk Powder


Gluten Free

Sold Out

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