Ube Pineapple


The Tandang (rooster) is a symbol of courage, strength, and renewal.

In the Philippines, Ube (purple yam) is a key ingredient in desserts, giving them their striking violet colour and distinct flavour. In celebration of Philippine Heritage Month, we brought back this popular bar. The ube used in this limited release vegan white chocolate was sourced, slow roasted, dried, and ground by our friends at Layunin, a Vancouver-based pop up restaurant and trailblazers in the local Filipino Food Movement scene. We stone ground the ube with Philippine pineapple to create a bar with trademark ube texture balanced by tropical, citrus notes.


Cacao Butter*, Roasted Ube (Purple Yam), Unrefined Cane Sugar*, Philippine Pineapple


Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free

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