Year of the Dragon


In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, we collaborated with Noisette by Olivia to bring you this special chocolate bar made with a biscuit inspired by a hot ginger and smoked longan drink made by Olivia’s mom – Mama Wu in Taiwan.

Longan (龍眼), also known as “Dragon’s Eye”, is a tropical fruit found throughout Asia and is prized for its sweet flesh & floral aroma, similar to that of lychee. When de-shelled, the fruit resembles the eye of a dragon. The longan used in the biscuit were sourced directly from Dongshan district in Tainan where they are kiln roasted and smoked for several days. Soaked in Shoaxing Wine, the longan is combined with ginger and black peppercorn.

Bits of Buzzed Ginger Longan biscuit are sprinkled into a 55% dark milk chocolate made with cacao from Davao de Oro and infused with Dalandan (Philippine Orange) resulting in a creamy chocolate bar with a crunchy texture and notes of citrus, ginger, smoke and pepper.

The artwork for this year’s special wrapper design was illustrated by Vancouver-based artist Ann Liao (@annbiguity | The greeting and calligraphy 龍躍金山 – May your abundance and prosperity flourish and soar in the Year of the Dragon – was created in Taiwan by Auntie Liao (Ann’s mom).


Cacao, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Milk Powder, Dalandan Oil, Earth Kiln Dried Smoked Longan, Shaoxing Wine, Unbleached Flour, Ground Ginger, Allspice, Black Peppercorn, Butter, Molasses, Sugar, Egg, Baking Soda, Kosher Salt.

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