Year of the Rabbit


In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, we collaborated with Noisette by Olivia to bring back this special chocolate bar. It is an homage to Olivia’s Hakka Taiwanese upbringing. The Hakka are a diasporic group of people scattered throughout the world with a distinct tradition of “Lei Cha” (Thunder Tea). This drink is commonly served as a herbal remedy to promote good health and is a welcome gesture for guests.

Bits of Hakka Lei Cha biscuit are blended into our 55% dark milk chocolate made from Philippine cacao beans and dotted with black and white sesame seeds, resulting in a creamy chocolate bar with a crunchy, layered texture and notes of toasted nuts, herbs, and tea leaves.


Cacao Beans, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Milk Powder, Genmaicha, Matcha, Toasted Rice, Hazelnuts, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Butter, Unbleached Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Kosher Salt, Virgin Coconut Oil, Non-Aluminum Baking Powder, Organic Black and White Sesame Seeds

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