Isla de Tanduay


In 1854, a distillery was built on Isla de Tanduay, a small piece of land bordering the Quiapo & San Miguel districts in Manila. It produced several types of liqueurs, but none more famous than its rum. For this limited batch, we roasted our Philippine cacao beans and aged them in an oak cask with Tanduay White Philippine Rum. After aging for 4 weeks, turning the barrel twice a day, the nibs were dried and stone ground to create a rich, dark chocolate with notes of coconut, custard and hints of oak & spice.

The new minimal, typography-based design for the wrapper of this bar – printed on off-white, textured paper stock – is inspired by the iconic Philippine barong tagalog. The famous long-sleeved, embroidered dress shirt is made of pineapple fiber and combines elements of pre-colonial native Filipino and colonial Spanish clothing styles. It is typically reserved for special occasions.


Tanduay Barrel Aged Cacao Nibs, Unrefined Cane Sugar*, Cacao Butter*


Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free

3 bar limit

Due to the limited number of bars we were able to produce there is a limit of 3 bars per person.

Sold Out

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